Sunday, November 27, 2011

Auburn, November 2011 (2/2)

Yesterday, two days after Thanksgiving, we first walked the dogs to the lake. After lunch, Vlada and I went for a walk in the snow. We started along the path along the house, had to cross a few streams in the woods behind the house and continued on a loop trail, following tracks left in the snow by people (hunters probably). We ended up on Lake Road and walked back home.

We then borrowed Katarina's car and went for a drive to
Whitings Farm on Summer Road, where we strolled in the heated greenhouses admiring the beautiful poinsettias. We drove on to Wallmart where we picked up a few things. We then came home to make apple strudel with the last apples from the garden. We drank eggnog, watched the sunset and had dinner of Thanksgiving dinner leftovers.

Auburn, November 2011 (1/2)