Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New York, December 29

Last post of the year. These are a few pictures taken before and after the big snowstorm of December 26-27, 2010 which dumped more than a foot and a half of snow on the City. We are waiting for the visit of Luka who is coming from his parent's house in Maine where he spent Christmas. He was supposed to fly in from Portland on Monday but his flight was cancelled because of the snow and rescheduled for Wednesday (today).

Today, when he arrived at the airport in Portland he was told that a pilot for the flight could not be found. He was however offered to take a free bus to Boston and to fly from there to New York this afternoon. He is now on
a plane on his way here. During his stay with us we are planning to visit the exhibit on contemporary Serbian artists at the Austrian Cultural Forum. We are also planning a dinner at Kafana and a coffee or drink at Via Della Pace.

Pictures from top to bottom: The Red Cat restaurant on Ninth Avenue in West Chelsea, view of the Hudson river from Hudson River Park, the High line at 14th street, a lonely bike parked in the Meat Market on Christmas day, the temporary ice skating rink at the Standard Hotel, our neighbor's roof after the snowstorm, Washington Square Park on December 27.